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Welcome to our Website in 2021 - Support and Guidance for the 22,132 People with Diabetes in Fife

Source: Scottish Diabetes Survey

Thank you for visiting this website which had 13,800 visits during 2020.


Diabetes Scotland has 2 special events coming up


ONE: Living well with diabetes and Covid-19 Day:  

Please Join Diabetes Scotland for an informative on line session on how to live well with diabetes during the current pandemic. We know living with diabetes is difficult, there are so many factors to consider and it can be stressful just coping with normal everyday ups and downs at the best of times.  During the current pandemic the most important thing anyone with diabetes can do is try their best to manage their condition carefully. Diabetes Scotland has brought together specialist staff in diabetes care to provide up to date information so that people living with diabetes, and their families, can learn more about diabetes care in Scotland, get practical tips to help self -management and live well with the condition. On the day there will be sessions from

·         Senior Diabetes Specialist Nurse

·         Dietetic Service Lead

·         Self-Management Facilitator

·         Mindfulness and relaxation practitioner

The webinar will take place on Thursday March 18th 10.30 -12.30  via Zoom

To register please click on the link



We welcome any questions in advance. Please submit any questions to linda.mcglynn@diabetes.org.uk;  or scotland@diabetes.org.uk by 1.00 pm on 17th March 2021. There will also be a Q&A facility on the day and we will try to address  many as possible.


TWO: This event is a really exciting research update on Immunotherapy which will be NEXT TUESDAY EVENING - Tuesday 2nd MARCH 6pm.


We’re hosting an online research Q&A on the topic of immunotherapy with one of our scientists on March 2nd. More details on the event and registration here:

 A future without insulin: Professor Colin Dayan on immunotherapy Tickets, Tue 2 Mar 2021 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Join scientist Prof Dayan on March 2nd at 6pm to learn about exciting new treatments for #type1diabetes - called immunotherapy - and how they could pave the way to a future without insulin.  To stop type 1 diabetes we need to stop the immune system’s attack on the pancreas. This is what new treatments, called immunotherapies, will be able to do. Join us on March 2nd at 6pm to hear from top scientist Prof Dayan on how these treatments work and how they could pave the way to a future without insulin. You’ll be able to ask Prof Dayan your questions too.


Kind regards

Honor Shaw
Volunteer Development Support Officer


DATED  3rd MARCH  2021

Your Members monthly update - the latest news, advice and offers tailored for you.
Diabetes UK
The people sit at a table together, one appears to be talking to the other two. They are all smiling.


Last year we committed over £3.3 million of funding to new research.


We're supporting 22 pioneering projects across the UK that will change our understanding of how diabetes develops, how it’s managed, and how we can help people living with the condition to live better, more confident lives. Find out more about the projects you helped make possible.


We'll keep you up-to-date with the results of these projects, but in the meantime, we wanted to let you know about two of our older projects which have recently published some very exciting findings.


One study is helping us to understand more about someone’s risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. It shows that the curviness of the veins in your retina can be a key factor in predicting who will go on to develop the condition. Another research project has shown the balance of mature and immature insulin-producing beta cells is key to blood sugar control.  


I'm really excited about these developments. As a charity, our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm. When I read about breakthroughs like these, it feels like we're one step closer to achieving that.


I also wanted to thank everyone who wrote in with questions about the coronavirus vaccine. I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Our coronavirus vaccine page has now been updated to make sure that all your questions have been answered. Head over now for the latest on when people with diabetes can expect to get the vaccine, information on side effects and much more.


Take care,



Senior Membership Manager


A split screen shows Shivali and her family in their home and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in their home.

Member Shivali meets the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Last week, one of our members, Shivali, met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to talk about how the pandemic has impacted people living with diabetes. Shivali, who's in remission from type 2 and has been shielding with her family for the last year, discussed how they've coped and their hopes for the future now that the vaccine is available.

Watch the video
Someone uses a laptop to view the diabetes uk website

New information about exercise and blood sugars


We’ve published some new information to help you manage your blood sugar levels before, during and after exercise and physical activity. Being physically active is good for diabetes, but sometimes it's tough to know how to get started when there's so much to think about. That’s why we’ve put together these helpful tips to take out the guesswork.

View now
A man looks at some medical images on a computer

Could coronavirus cause diabetes?


There is growing evidence that suggests coronavirus might be triggering diabetes in some people, or making the condition worse for others. It’s very early days and there’s still a lot more to learn, but we’ve had a look at what the scientists know so far and what they’re doing to find out more.

Find out more
A bowl of pasta and mushroom ragu rests on a table.

Get cooking with our mushroom ragu


This delicious twist on an Italian classic goes well with wholegrain pasta or spiralled veg. Each serving contains four portions of fruit and veg which can help protect against stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers. It’s a great alternative to a meat-based sauce.

Try it today



You can find up-to-date coronavirus information on our website, plus helpful tips on staying well during coronavirus and lockdowns, and a free downloadable guide about managing diabetes at home during the pandemic.


Need to talk? Our helpline is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Give us a call on 0345 123 2399. If you'd like to share experiences and chat to other people affected by diabetes, join our online forum.


NEWS FROM mydiabetes*myway 

Dated: 26th February 2021


my diabetes my way, the interactive diabetes website                      

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for February 2021.

30,000 Active Users

Earlier this month, My Diabetes My Way reached the milestone of 30,000 users logging in to access their diabetes records. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to this significant figure. If you have not yet been able to access your records, please let us know by contacting us using our new email address: mydiabetes.myway@nhs.scot.

Please also help us by spreading word of the service to anyone who you think might benefit. You can also share information on social media, by linking to our Facebook and Twitter pages:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyDiabetesMyWay/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyDiabetesMyWay/

Blog Reflecting on Records Access

In addition to reaching 30,000 active users, December 2020 also marked the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the My Diabetes My Way records access service. Following these recent milestones, our Programme Lead Dr Scott Cunningham has written a blog reflecting on the evolution of the service and the benefits that have been evaluated and reported by those who use it. The blog describes how the service has grown from a University of Dundee research project, to a fully integrated service for NHS Scotland. You can read the blog here: https://www.mydiabetesmyway.scot.nhs.uk/ContentNews.aspx?id=1125

Wellbeing and Mental Health Questionnaires

My Diabetes My Way contains two questionnaires that allow you to assess your mental health and general wellbeing. The aim of these questionnaires is to allow you to self-assess areas where you may benefit from talking to your healthcare team. When you complete these assessments, we will provide you with a summary that explains your result, further guidance on what you can do next, and links to information that may help you.

When you log in to My Diabetes My Way and select "My Home Data", you will see two assessments:

1. Mental Health Test: Indicates if you are suffering from, or are at risk of depression

2. Wellbeing Test: Assesses your general wellbeing and how you are feeling

Both of these questionnaires have been recommended internationally as the standard methods of assessment for wellbeing and mental health (https://www.ichom.org/portfolio/diabetes/).

Feeling low, anxious or stressed?

Anxiety, low mood and stress are common problems which we all experience from time to time, particularly in Lockdown. When these feelings persist, they can affect our daily life and lead to emotional distress. Some people may recover in a few weeks on their own, while others need more specialist help and support. If you are feeling this way, then a service called “Living Life” may be able to help you: https://www.breathingspace.scot/living-life

My Diabetes My Way Admin

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, it is taking us longer to collect mail, create new enrolment packs and send out registration paperwork for you to access your diabetes records. We are currently processing enrolment packs in batches every two weeks, but we are now happy for you to email us back a photo or scanned copy of your signed form to avoid any further delays.

Help and Support

If you have not yet managed to gain access to your diabetes records on My Diabetes My Way, or would like an update on the status of your registration, please let us know. You can contact us regarding any problems or request further help and support by emailing: mydiabetes.myway@nhs.scot

Thank you for your continued support.

The mydiabetes*myway team



Twitter: @MyDiabetesMyWay

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mydiabetesmyway

Mailbox 6, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, DD1 9S



For more information on The Wells please visit our website or if you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me. CLICK ON THIS LINK:-


How to contact Helpline Scotland

Call:    0141 212 8710

Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm
Email: helpline.scotland@diabetes.org.uk

Website Information: CLICK HERE

Diabetes UK Helpline provides support and information to people with diabetes as well as friends, family and carers. We can provide information to help you learn more about the condition and how to manage it.

The Helpline is staffed by trained counsellors who can provide a listening ear and the time to talk things through.

Calls from landlines are typically charged between 2p and 10p per minute while calls from mobiles typically cost between 10p and 40p per minute.

Calls from landlines and mobiles should be included in free call packages. Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

If a Diabetes UK member of staff or volunteer has concerns about your own or someone else’s safety and well-being,

the concern may be reported to the Diabetes UK Safeguarding Team and external safeguarding authorities’.


Here is an interesting 6-min video with Diabetes UK Head of Research Communications, Lucy Chambers, discussing the research linking diabetes and Covid-19



This website is not able to give medical advice about diabetes, or how to deal with the Corona Virus.

For the latest advice on Diabetes and the Corona Virus click this link https://www.diabetes.org.uk/about_us/news/coronavirus 



or     www.nhsinform.scot/

We do have a great HELPLINE service for Scotland which can give you advice.

Here is the link for all the contact details.


 Or Call 0141 212 8710     Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm




Managing Prescribed Sharps Safely

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and significant demand being placed on local pharmacies, it may not be possible for them to take prescribed sharps waste.  In this case, we would ask that you retain your sharps waste safely within your home.

Please ensure that you:

  • Do not overfill the sharps waste container and seal when the recommended level is reached.
  • Store filled and sealed containers safely at home until community pharmacies can accept the waste again.
  • Do not put sharps waste into your household waste.

Patients can obtain additional empty sharps waste containers from their community pharmacy.

If you are unable to store this waste safely at home or do not have someone who can help you to store this safely, please contact: Pharmacy Services - 01383 565351 

Further information is also available on the NHS Fife Coronavirus website -  https://coronavirus.nhsfife.org/


Details of Next Meeting will be announced in due course.


We provide local support and information.

Meeting PlaceEducation Centre at Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline

Time10am. Meeting starts 10:30 am - finish at noon.

What to expectThere is a speaker at each meeting providing information on various topics (not always diabetes related). Tea/Coffee/Chat

(Most of our members say it is the chat with other diabetics that is the most rewarding part of the sessions).

CostOur meetings are free but we do ask for a donation towards the cost of the tea & biscuits.

Want more information? Email  diabeteswestfife@outlook.com

Our Motto is




Mobile App

The My Diabetes My Way app is now available on iOS and Android. Patients can register, or access their data directly on mobile smartphones and tablets. The guide is available to explain the process: HERE

Presentation to West Fife Group (Prof Taylor)

Presentation to West Fife Group (Prof Dillon)

Our Scottish Charity Registration Number 

 Diabetes UK, Scotland is a Scottish Charity... No. SCO39136 : Website Administrator - Ian Sloan - email: dukfife@gmail.com 
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