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Welcome to Diabetes Fife.

Leading The Way for People with Diabetes in Fife


West Fife Group Becomes a

Peer Support Community Group

At the recent AGM the meeting took the big decision to change the way the Group is set up.

West Fife now has a Peer Support Community Group.

This does away with the need to have a formal Committee with Office bearers or hold a bank account.

The existing funds will be transferred to the the Adopted Project run by Professor Calum Sutherland.

Any future expenses will be met by Diabetes Scotland.

Open Meetings will continue to be organised.

The AGM agreed that Bob Liddle will be the Lead Volunteer and Eric Moodie the Deputy Lead Volunteer. 

Nominated Local Team Contacts are Elaine Nolton and Grace MacLachlan.

Dates for your Diary 2019


            The dates for the next session of Open Meetings of the Group, to be held in the Education Centre, Queen Margaret Hospital, Whitefield Road, Dunfermline, KY12 0SU.


            The Open Meetings are:

Saturday 27 April 2019         Saturday 25 May 2019

Saturday 29 June 2019         Saturday 28 September 2019

Saturday 26 October 2019    Saturday 30 November 2019


All Meetings start promptly at 10.30 in the Education Centre, Queen Margaret Hospital, Whitefield Road, Dunfermline.

            There will be a reminder as usual before each meeting with details.

            If any of your details are incorrect or have changed please let me know.

Bob Liddle (Lead Volunteer) on 01383 728069

E mail:- Diabeteswestfife@outlook.com


Facing Up to Diabetes Portrait Exhibition
9 February to 4 May 2019 at the Lochgelly Centre


We know that people with diabetes are so used to putting on a brave face that sometimes others don’t realise how serious the condition can be.

To mark our 25th anniversary year, Diabetes Scotland wanted to commission a series of portraits where people with diabetes, or affected by the condition, don’t have to smile as they reflect on the many challenges they face.

Most people in the collection have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Others have neither but are profoundly affected by the condition their loved ones have to manage every day of their lives.

Our aim is to illustrate the sheer variety of people, from all ages and backgrounds, among the 300,000 in Scotland who live with the condition and convey the impact diabetes has on thousands more.

Phil Wilkinson www.philwilkinson.net

Sugar and Spikes: Changing Approaches to Diabetes Care

Thursday 11 April

During the last 100 years, the treatment of diabetes has undergone radical transformation, with an increasing amount of self-management of the disease. Medical historian Dr Martin Moore explores how medical thought, patient experience and everyday practice of self-management were influenced by broader structures in British politics, culture and society. Diabetes expert Prof Mark Strachan continues the discussion with the latest cutting-edge research in Edinburgh.


We've got some big news about remission

Read the Diabetes UK February Newsletter - Click on green box in right hand column 

Freestyle Libre System

Can you share your experiences and give  feedback on how you have obtained the device, and any problems with using it? Please send your comments to this EMAIL.


Central Fife Voluntary Group Open Meetings are held in the Lecture Theatre in the Education Centre Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy. Time - 10am for 10:30am until 12 noon approx. on specific Saturdays


Know the Numbers

“Know the Numbers" is a must for people with diabetes to help them focus on what is the ideal place to be -  but also in preparation for the next appointment with the Diabetes Clinics - or to make an appointment outside of your normal clinic if there is something you wish to discuss with your Health Care Professional.   Please note that the bottom number is the average that your reading would be on your blood glucose meter and not that it is the top number changed to the “old money” results we used to work with.   Do please run these off or keep them on file for your reference.   A very welcome piece of work to help us all.

NHS Fife have issued three leaflets on "Know the Numbers" - one for Adults with Type 1; one for Children with Type 1; and one for Adults with Type 2.

Go to the leaflets by clicking this box.

Fife Type 1 Warriors Information

Young People with Type 1

Contact Information for the new activities are HERE

Mobile App

The My Diabetes My Way app is now available on iOS and Android. Patients can register, or access their data directly on mobile smartphones and tablets. The guide is available to explain the process: HERE

Presentation to West Fife Group (Prof Taylor)

Presentation to West Fife Group (Prof Dillon)

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